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Monitor LED & RGB Light

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Monitor LED & RGB Light

Introducing our cutting-edge monitor LED light with LED RGB backlighting, the ultimate accessory to enhance your gaming and workspace experience. Designed for anyone who appreciates aesthetics, our LED light offers a stunning visual display that adds a captivating ambiance to your monitor setup.

Enhance Your Workspace & Boost Your Productivity

Say goodbye to poor monitor lighting and hello to a well-lit workspace. Our LED light provides optimal illumination to reduce eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort during extended work or study sessions. Enhance your productivity by creating a visually appealing and ambient working environment that boosts your focus and concentration.

Designed for Aesthetics, Engineered for Quality

Our LED light is not just about functionality, but also aesthetics. Create a captivating visual spectacle that draws you into an immersive gaming experience and enhances your productivity in your workspace. Whether you're a gamer, content creator, or tech-savvy individual, our LED light complements your setup and elevates the overall look of your space.

Our LED light is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. It's designed to withstand regular use and is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.
With its customizable lighting effects, eye strain reduction, sleek design, and easy installation, it provides an unparalleled visual experience.

- Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch
- Applicable screen thickness: >15mm
- Applicable screen: Straight / Curved screen
- Material: Aluminum alloy+PC+ABS
- Size: 440*22mm
- Voltage: 5V
- USB length: 1 Meter
- Weight: 250g
- Voltage: DC 5V
- Wattage: 5W(max)
- Package included:
Monitor light *1
Metal Magnetic patches *2
Fixed bracket adhesive *1
Manual *1

LED Light
5 Emitting Color
Stepless Dimming

7 Colors RGB Backlight

With easy installation, intuitive controls, and stunning lighting effects, our LED light will elevate your experience and create a mesmerizing visual spectacle that captures attention and sparks inspiration. Don't settle for ordinary lighting solutions, invest in a product that reflects your unique style and enhances your performance. Order now and elevate your gaming or workspace experience to new heights!


1. Can I use a mobile phone charger or mobile power supply to power the screen lights?
You can use a 5V charger and mobile power supply for your screen lights.

2. Is this screen lamp suitable for curved screens?
The thickness of the applicable screen is (6mm-28mm), and curved screens are also applicable.

3. Can the screen light be directly plugged into the computer?
It can be directly plugged into the USB output port of the computer.

4. What is the power of this screen lamp?
The maximum power is 5W.

5. Why does the lamp not light up after installation?
Check whether the indicator light is installed correctly (whether the computer is powered on, and whether the USB power cord connector is loose).